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DeskMini AMD Based

DeskMini X300

Revision Date Published Source Mirror 1
1.58 March 26th, 2021 ASRock Download
1.46G January 12th, 2021 ASRock Download
1.46E January 5th, 2021 ASRock Download
1.46 October 27th, 2020 JZ Download

DeskMini A300

Revision Date Published Source Mirror 1
3.70B March 29th, 2021 ASRock Download
3.63** August 24th, 2020 ASRock Download
3.60S* September 1st, 2020 JZ Download
3.60R* August 14th, 2020 JZ Download
3.60N* July 29th, 2020 JZ Download
3.60L* July 24th, 2020 JZ Download
3.60K July 22nd, 2020 ASRock Download
3.60H June 12th, 2020 ASRock Download

DeskMini H470

Revision Date Published Source Mirror 1
2.11 April 28th, 2021 ASRock Download

⚠️ * = This BIOS does not support Bristol Ridge APUs. Please DO NOT update the BIOS when using Bristol Ridge APU
⚠️ ** = Doesn't support Renoir. We strongly recommend 3.60S

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